What Is Property Preservation?

Simply put, property preservation is just that the preservation of a foreclosed property. When a property is foreclosed, it is owned by the banks. Now as we know, there is no bank personnel that comes by foreclosed house checking in on it. So what happens? Many times, the property whether residential or commercial, will begin to slowly deteriorate. After not using the utilities for a long period of time, things don’t work the same as they did. There could be small or big leaks that ruin the structure due to regular maintenance not being performed after the property is vacant.

Property Preservation Services

How do banks take care of this? Most banks will outsource this service to the

property preservation specialist. In doing so, banks can ensure that their property is preserved and up to date on the maintenance once the bank decides to sell it. When you need high-quality low-cost property preservation services, you do not want the extra work of searching for a reputable, reliable provider. Elite Team has worked on renovations of thousands of properties for our clients. We have in-house staff and vendors with proven track records in property preservation and renovations. We guarantee their work. We not only refer you to good people, but we also guarantee they will not leave you hanging.

You might be wondering what exactly does a property preservation specialist do? Besides doing simple maintenance, they provide property preservation services through performing repairs and even provide renovation services!

Repair & Maintenance

  • Painting Services
  • Lock Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Yard Services

As properties sit unoccupied, they all tend to slowly crumble. I’m sure you’ve

probably peeked inside a foreclosed property before and seen the place looking like a mess. It probably had trash on the floor, broken windows, and maybe even an obvious leak. By having an actual person checking in the property, you can rest assured that the property’s value will not depreciate. Whenever you have a leak in your property, the specialist will come by and repair it. They will be able to perform regular maintenance throughout the property to make sure there are no emergency disasters that make the property lose value.